Thursday, October 25, 2012

There once was a witch with a hat...

There once was a witch with hat.
She rode on her broom with her cat.
Her nose was pointy and her shoes were too
and you better watch out, cause she might scare you...
There once was a witch with a hat.

Take one tired preschool teacher, add a new produce delivery, subtract
lots of time, pull out a few hairs... and this is what you get for lunch!

Veggies are fresh carrots and broccoli with a bit of ranch hiding under the hat.
Fruit is a passion fruit to be cut open at lunch time and consumed with the spoon I 
forgot to put in till after I took the picture.... protein is some frozen edamame, and a
veggie patty sandwich.. oh and cheese... sharp cheddar.  The babybel is to go with my afternoon snack 
of some pirates booty.. I won't be done till late tomorrow as I am teaching in the morning, thenI have an IEP, and after that I am picking up a few hours of interpreting in the late afternoon.


  1. Love the poem! Did you write it? So cute.

    1. It's a song my mother used to sign with her preschoolers (and me of course), I sing it with my students. They LOVE it!


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