Monday, May 27, 2013

I still exist..

Life just got a little nutters...
But I'm still here..just barely! 

Tomorrow's fast and easy (largely left overs) Bento is here!
Lunch is whole wheat spaghetti, a nectarine, salad with bacon bits 
(in the yellow container, I have some dressing at work), 
sauteed zucchini, squash, tomatoes, and fresh basil, and a string cheese. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's Artichoke Season!

It's artichoke season here in my neck of the woods!
That means I've been getting them in my produce bag.

Tomorrow's lunch is an artichoke with some Mayo for dipping.
The last of the leftover Farmer's Market Cous Cous.
An Orange, a string cheese, and some dark chocolate cocoa covered almonds.

I added some piggies for cuteness, and because I've been thinking of a certain friend of
mine who hated pigs.  I started buying her pigs as a joke.. at one point she called me
and told me she had been walking through a store and saw a little pig statue
and thought "Oh.. what a cute little, NO!!!!!!" Hee Hee.. 

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Friday, May 3, 2013


Tomorrow I will join my brother's family at the 
Mount Diablo Coalfield Descendant's Picnic.

You might ask why we are attending the picnic when we aren't descended from
any of those who lived in the coalfields.  Well.. it's started years ago
when one of my sisters was at the cemetery on Mt. Diablo on a field trip.

While she was there she spotted a headstone with our last name on it.  Our last 
name isn't overly common, so when she got home she told our parents about it.

At some point after that my mom took a group of kids up to the cemetery to look
for the headstone, but they couldn't find it.  They searched the whole cemetery.

After a while a man approached asking them what they were doing.  Upon hearing
the story he said he though they should look in the back of his truck. He had
been picking up some headstones which had been vandalized, but his truck
wouldn't start, so he was waiting for someone to come help him.  
Sure enough, the missing headstone was in his truck.
My mother took four pictures, one of each side of the headstone (in the days of film).
Each picture turned out clear enough to read! 
After the pictures were taken, the man got back in the truck,
and attempted to start it.  It started....

A few years ago my oldest brother decided to sponsor a new marker for them.
So now we get invites to the picnic.

I'm hoping to enjoy some picture taking, but we shall see.
In any case, I need a lunch!

Lunch consists of: a sandwich, some celery with tomato basil laughing cow cheese,
watermelon flowers, rainbow carrots, sugar snap peas, and some dressing for dipping.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

So life went a little nutso...

My life went a bit nutso recently.. I guess I just got busy.
Some days I went home on my lunch break (the joys of a half mile commute).
and others I just snagged something from the fridge on my
way out the door.  But I am trying to go back to being
mindful of what I am eating.  To taking the time to prepare and eat
healthy foods.  To care enough for myself to eat the way I need to.

So while tomorrow's lunch isn't overly cute, it is planned.

Lunch is some greek yogurt with raspberries, along with some 
Farmers' Market Cous Cous.  This version contains rainbow chard, zucchini,
a bit of garlic, cous cous, and some feta over the top.

I'm happy to have my lunch back!