Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just a Bit Corny....

Tomorrow's lunch is inspired by my favorite artist!  I even
have earrings based on the same design.  
So if you are feeling "Just a Bit Corny.."  you should swing over to
www.kimchikawaii.com and  check her out!

Lunch features some celery (only the top three have cream cheese),
yogurt with a few pieces of candy corn on top, an egg salad sandwich,
and two little cuties.  I was going to stamp the letters for "Just a Bit Corny.."
but ever since my trip to LA (I took some Bento supplies), I haven't been
 able to find one of my letter wheels!! EEEK! Maybe that means I
need to make a trip to Japan Town!

*** Disclaimer: I have been friends with Holly, the Artist behind Kimchi Kawaii since 
first grade.  She doesn't pay me to feature her art, I just love being inspired by her.  I
have her permission to feature her art in my lunches.  https://www.facebook.com/kimchikawaii?fref=ts


  1. Cute! The traditional candy corn in the store is actually not vegetarian though. It has gelatin. How I wish it was vegetarian and if you have found a brand that is vegetarian, please post.

    1. I have not found a vegetarian one to buy, but there are some good recipes for vegan candy corn that I do like. Personally I am able to tolerate very small amounts of gelatin (and I mean small) if I eat it with other foods (I am ovo lacto vegetarian because I get sick when I eat meat products.. it's like food poisoning). It's not something I do often but once in a while I find I can have a tiny tiny bit :) But honestly, the homemade ones taste better anyway!!!

  2. If and when you go to Japan town, I want to go too.


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