Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I've been getting Rainbow Chard in my produce bag recently.
I love the stuff!  Chard chips, chard in soups, chard in stirfry, and tonight,
Chard Pesto!  I tossed some extra virgin olive oil, chard, garlic cloves, walnuts, and fresh parm
into the food processor..... and while it was going for a spin I made some whole wheat
angel hair pasta.  Once it was done I tossed it together, and it was delish!!

I paired my "green noodles" with some Trader Joe's Spinach dip (it's made from Greek Yogurt),
red bell peppers, and some tangerines for a sweet ending.  

I can't wait for lunch!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Simple Bento

Life has been a bit busy recently, and I haven't been posting as many Bento Lunches.
I've had a few friends ask if I still pack Bento every day, and the answer to that, is YES.

The most simple definition of Bento, is "a packed lunch".

I have been on a soup kick recently, but I don't have a super cute container for it, so it tends
to go to work in a gladware container... I am on the hunt for a cute soup container.
I don't really want a thermos, as I can heat soup at work easily.
Perhaps till I do I will photograph it in one of my bowls or mugs...

So here is an example of lunch on a "non cute day"

Tomorrow's lunch is two tiny mandarins, cooked assorted greens with garlic and
parmesan cheese, and two little "meatball" sandwiches.  I am not a huge fan of analog meats 
in most cases, but I love Trader Joe's Meatless Meatballs.   

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I went in to the County Office to do some paperwork, and have lunch with a coworker today.
We took a nice quiet booth by the window so we could chat work without being overheard.
It was raining when we got there, then it started really coming down.. then it changed to snow!
We were watching it snow... and snow... and... start to stick???? 
Ummm.. lunch over!
We both went back to the office to do some work, then I headed for home.  
While I was laminating this happened to my car!!

The drive home wasn't bad... just slow... it got worse for those who couldn't leave the office when I did.
Especially for those heading up the hill.  Lot's of accidents, and a pile up.....

So lunch for tomorrow has a Snowflake.  Hiding under it is a "meatball" sandwich.
I don't own any cute snowflake picks.. but I made the snowflake out of some cheese, with the bottom layer
dyed blue with a tiny bit of food coloring... I dug out an snowflake Christmas cookie cutter, then
used some of my little cutters to cut some holes in it.  Fast. Cute. YUMM.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Simple Disney Bento

Lunch is a salad topped with cheddar hearts (with ranch and baco bits),
Yogurt topped with a Mickey ( it's plain 0% fage, so there is some truvia and apple sauce to eat with it), 
a sandwich topped with the star from the Disney set..  and a treat tucked in with the fork.

Pictured on the napkin going with it.. one of my favorites!

Packed in under five minutes :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Preschool Style!

My students and I have been studying Valentines Day,
and learning concepts like the shape heart, the colors pink, red, and purple,
counting (counting hearts), the letters V and H, and more..

Tomorrow the kiddos will get to have a party - We will exchange Valentines, play some
games, and decorate sundaes!  The kids are SO excited.

On Friday while reading the kids a book about Valentines Day, we had the following conversation:
Me: "What is Valentines Day?"
Child A:  "We get Candy!!!!"
Child B:  "And Birthday Cards!!!!"

YUP, that's about it!!

Tomorrow's Fast and Easy Bento:
Heart shaped Kiwi, two heart shaped sandwiches, a salad with a heart shaped hard boiled egg
some edamame, and a cheese stick tossed in for my afternoon snack.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Docent Training

This lunch is for Saturday, I will be out at Columbia State Park for
Docent Training.  I am working towards becoming a costumed docent at the park
I love going out there, so many wonderful old buildings, beautiful scenes, and I love the
docents too!  My family used to visit Columbia when I was a child, and I used to go hang
out there when I was in high school to torture my friends who worked there.

Lunch for tomorrow is:  Leftover Chinese Chicken Salad (hold the chicken..) from Pickle Patch,
 with the dressinghiding under the lettuce in a leak proof container, Blood Red Oranges, frozen Edamame,
a Veggie Patty Sandwich topped with two cheese hearts, and a string cheese on the side to eat
as a snack later in the afternoon.  I may also toss a sweet into my bag just in case.

Here are some of my favorite images I have captured in Columbia (In no particular order..)

There is a stage coach pulled by some gorgeous horses...

 This building houses several carriages.

I love the foliage... 

This is the school house, it's awesome!  You can go inside too!

Check out the beautiful fall colors

When this gazebo was built, my family was visiting the park (I was far to young to remember),
and my Dad helped the volunteers learn to use a level... 

One must stop by the Candy Kitchen for some sweets...

Every second Saturday there are costumed docents, they are an awesome group
of people, and they open additional buildings that are not open everyday.  There are also
lot's of special events.. 

This is the docent that talked me into applying to become a docent myself!

There are almost always street musicians.. I love the look of joy on the little girls face as he sings for her.

Waiting for the stage coach to return...

The weather vane on top of the Gazebo

Beautiful pine cones and greens at Christmas

A young docent playing on one of the wagons

His Dad looks on... 

Finally done "driving", and off to join his Dad.

Tending the Dry Goods Store

Telling stories around the fire.. roasting chestnuts, brewing coffee, and boiling water for hot cocoa

There is a little museum, and free town tours.

Columbia State Park is a great place to interact with our unique history.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Protein Power!

Thursday promises to be a LONG and busy day for me, and I always find myself
a bit hungry in the afternoon, so I decided to up the protein power of my lunch for tomorrow.

Feel the protein love yet?  Tomorrow I will be eating a "meatball" sandwich with 
marinara for dipping, edamame (it will be nicely thawed by lunch), cottage cheese with
sunflower seeds, and some cucumber with carrots and ranch for dipping.

Not to fancy, as I haven't really been in the mood to Bento recently.  
I need to find some good inspiration, and some time to be creative.. 
I have a three day weekend coming up.. maybe that will help me.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Breakfast For Lunch

Two trips to JTown ago I bought the cutest little two layer
Strawberry Bento Box.  I decided to save it for strawberry season, so the
first lunch packed in it could have fresh strawberries! 

Sadly, Friday I discovered I am now allergic to strawberries.  A trip to the
ER later, some lovely bruises from the IVs, and some lingering hives, I have had to
accept that I will never eat strawberries again.  SO, I now that I no longer have to save my
box for strawberry season, I decided to use it!  Then came the question, what to put in it??
I have been very lazy today, I slept in late, and I took a nap too!  I didn't feel like cooking much
for dinner, so leftovers were out of the running for a quick lunch.  After a bit of thought, I decided
that since I love having breakfast foods for dinner, why not have them for lunch!!

Sorry for the shadows.. I really need to set up a little bit of lighting for Bento Photography...

Lunch tomorrow is whole grain low fat eggos, veggie sausage, a bit of sugar free syrup, cottage cheese with
sunflower seeds, and a blood red orange (off my sister's tree!).  YUMMMMMO

Isn't the strawberry SO CUTE!?!?!?!?

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