Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Today is day three of my Disney Trip, and day two of Disney Bento Lunches
I didn't pack a lunch yesterday as I ate at the Pacific Wharf Cafe instead.
So before I show you my bento for today, here is my nummy lunch from yesterday.
It's the Sonoma Chicken and Apple Salad, with no chicken, and the dressing on the side.
The Chef actually brought it out himself this time, and commented he had fun doing something
different!  He gave me a TON of walnuts and such on the side, so I would have lots of protein.

It was of course delish!  I didn't eat anywhere near all the yummy bread though, so some was a snack later, and the rest goes with  my breakfast today.  I also picked up some new cookie cutters while I was there.  
And the cutest set of "Corn Holders" which double in my mind as Bento picks!!

See the Yellow Micky in the blueberries???  That's supposed to be a corn cob holder...

The fork/pick part is NOT sharp and pointy like those little yellow plastic corn cob holders, it's a nice smooth metal, and two pronged.  And did you notice those cute little Micky shaped crackers???  LOVE.. they are like goldfish, but of course Mickey themed....

Any way, the food is pretty straight forward, blueberries, salad, crackers, dressing, and leftover mac n cheese (from Stonefire, my favorite!!!!!!!)

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