Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

I decided to shake up the Disney themed Bento lunches.
This lunch, while containing pretty much the same food (sorry, I'm travelling...)
features Beauty and the Beast, one of my FAVORITES!!

I literally packed this lunch in a Starbuck's parking lot.  I would have done it at
the house I was staying at, but I needed some bell pepper and berries... 

Lunch is Salad with red bell pepper, Micky crackers (with a tub of salad dressing hiding in there) topped with a cheese rose in a bell jar... an avocado sandwich with a cheddar shoe, some berries with jewels, a cheese stick, and a little container of baco bits.

Oh.. and the most important thing I almost forgot to add.. down in the bottom, tucked under
the berries.. a square of Ghiradelli pumpkin caramel chocolate, my free sample from yesterday (I was
buying Sin in a Cup.. otherwise known as Midnight Reverie.. I didn't need it then...)

This.. This is Sin in a Cup... I enjoyed every bit of my half!!!!

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