Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's still Fall out there!

The wind is blowing, the rain has been falling (although thankfully we got to play outside today!)
There are leaves on the ground, and while November is fading fast, and December is almost
here, it is still fall at my house.  I was so happy to get my produce bag today, full of all sorts of
yummy things!  However, as I didn't get home till well after dinner time, tomorrow's lunch is simple,
but all the produce is fresh and local!  For lunch I have a veggie patty sandwich topped with some cheese
decor, and a big ol' salad, along with a mandarin orange.  YUMMMM!!  I can't wait!

The box is new to me, it's by tupperware, and not sold as a bento box, but I purchased it 
as part of a fundraiser being put on by another special education classroom.  I typically prefer my laptop
because it's easy to take out parts of it when I don't have time to eat my whole lunch in one sitting, or
when I want to heat parts of the lunch.  But tomorrow's food is all cold, so I figured it was a good
day to try the new box!   I will think of my friends in the class and their new swing!

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