Monday, November 12, 2012

Quinoa and Spring Vegetable Pilaf

I decided to try a new recipe tonight.  I love quinoa, and I am always on 
the hunt for new recipes which contain it.  YUMMMM

Tomorrows lunch is a fast one!!!
A quick veggie wrap on a low carb tortilla (my students swear it's Taco Bell),
some salad with dressing and baco bits, half an apple, and some Pilaf!



  1. Hi! I am so happy I found your blog (from the Laptop Lunches facebook page). I got one of their bento boxes this summer and am excited to have more ideas! Also it looks like you are vegetarian, which I am, so it's nice to not have to translate the "meat" into "meatless." :-)

    1. Welcome! I understand, while converting meat into meatless is totally doable, it's awesome when you don't have to!!!!! I love my laptop!


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