Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A bit low on veggies...

I can't wait for Thursday.. oh wait, it's tomorrow!
Thursdays are awesome because I get my produce delivery!
Normally I'm not quite so out of veggies, but I had them hold my delivery last 
week as I was going to be out of town.  By the time I would have had any time to
go to the store, it was Wednesday.. so waiting for Thursday made sense.

I would have liked to add some nice leafy greens.. but that will come in Friday's lunch!

For now, Lunch tomorrow is quinoa with apple, pecans, & cranberries, inside a pumpkin.
For fruit, the last of my pomegranite, and a babybel to fill the whole that the veggies created. 
Yes, I know the pumpkin is a veggie, but I am craving my greens!


  1. I LOVE the quinoa, apple, pecan & cranberry dish--inside a pumpkin! I wonder how it would work in an acorn squash?


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