Monday, December 3, 2012

It's a Delicious Mystery!

I accidentally deleted the menu from my CSA this week.
In the fruit part of the produce bag, I got these YUMMY green fruits.. the flesh
inside is white, and they are sweet and tangy.. no clue what they are, but one is in my lunch!

Over the weekend we were hit with a big WET storm.. parts of my house flooded, 
today they came and extracted the water from my carpet, so my house is in shambles...
The worst of the damage to my stuff was in my garage, but I don't think it was to bad.. I hope..

So I didn't pack a lunch for today.. but I need one for tomorrow, hence the super simple lunch above..
Cucumber with seasoning salt, some salad with ranch (mostly for the cucumbers, but some will go on 
the salad), a wrap, one cheese with a star cut out.. a mandarin orange, and the green yummmmmmmy
mystery fruit.  Truly no clue what it is, but it is YUMMO!  I hope I get more this week!!!!

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