Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Super Simple Lunch

Decided to play with some of the baran I bought on my last trip to JTown.
Truthfully the little monkey I have tucked behind the hedge is supposed to be a barrier
between different foods, but doesn't he look cute perched on top of my wrap?  I
didn't have tons of time tonight, so he was a big time saver!

Tomorrow's lunch contains a super simple wrap, made on a medium tortilla,
spread with a wedge of tomato basil laughing cow cheese, some cucumber cut into
match sticks, and some assorted cheese scraps.  The yogurt is a fat free greek yogurt, 
mixed with a bit of truvia and cinnamon, topped with fresh passion fruit.  My favorite black
grapes were on sale, so I paired those with a matching monkey pick, and to add some more veggies
I added some broccoli with some ranch dressing (It's the Bolthouse yogurt based.. love...)

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