Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Busy Girl, Empty Cupboards

What with the Thanksgiving, my little babies, and everything else..
I have so few leftovers, and hardly anything fresh left in the cupboards.
Produce delivery is Thursday, so it seems silly to go to the store to buy anything
(and besides, I am broke..)

So... I am thankful my artichoke was still good (since I bought it before Thanksgiving).

When I eat lunch I will also grab a handful of nuts from my desk to add a bit more protein to this lunch.

Brown rice with a bit of soy sauce, an artichoke, some mayo for dipping, and a babybel.
And of course.. here is what is occupying me!!!

Little Mischief has a red collar, and her sister, Mayhem has a green collar.

Sweet babies...

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