Sunday, January 13, 2013


So I am pretty sure when my alarm clock goes off in the morning I will
be feeling a bit grouchy, and will want to roar like a Dinosaur...
BUT, I also know I will love seeing my students after our three week
winter vacation.  I know I have missed packing my lunches, and I am
excited to use some bento gear I received for my birthday/Christmas... but for
that you shall have to wait a bit!  So, back to tomorrow's lunch,
which shows a bit of Dino Love!

Lunch for tomorrow has mixed greens with a couple of Veggiesaurs (they contain peas and carrots..
I've never tried them before, so tomorrow is a first), some salad dressing hiding under the carrots
 and radishes to add to the salad, some Farmers Market Cous Cous, a tangerine, 
and a little chocolate crispy cookie thing tucked in for desert. 

An update on my fur babies, they are getting SO big, and are as sweet as ever....

Thanks for reading!

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