Monday, January 14, 2013

New Bento Gear!

My friend Carrie got me some new Bento Gear for my Birthday/Christmas.
Tomorrow's lunch uses the new boxes, picks, and insulated lunch bag
she gave me.  They are SO CUTE!!!!

Lunch is a stir fry of baby portobello mushrooms, baby bok choy, carrots, and brown rice.
I used my egg mold to mold the brown rice into heart shapes (probably would have been better if I did it with fresh rice instead of leftovers..).  There is also a little fish filled with soy sauce.  The protein 
is greek yogurt with blueberries (more are hiding under it), with some speared on cute little heart picks. 

Here are the containers with the lids on.  The main dish container has chopsticks in the lid (I didn't notice until right now that the chopsticks are not centered.. oops.. sorry).

Carrie knows I LOVE hedgehogs, so she bought me this cute insulated lunch bag to carry my lunch in.



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