Monday, January 28, 2013


I took my kitties to get the last of their baby shots today!
They are such "big girls" now.  So big that they LOVE to play "King of the Chair".. 
this means they climb up the back of my kitchen chairs, and balance on the top.
Tonight Mayhem was balancing on top of a chair I had left pulled away from the table.
She realized she could jump to the top of the garbage can.  One slight problem.. my
trash cans have those rotating lids where you can just drop the trash in the top.. This resulted in 
one very surprised kitty!  I quickly rescued her, and moved the chair... 

Tomorrow's lunch contains a Kitty Sandwich, Orange Slices, Cooked Broccoli, and Salad.

(Mayhem on the left.. Mischief behind on the right)


  1. Mischief and Mayhem are looking adorable! So is the kitty bento. :-)

    1. They are getting SO grown up. All sleek and long instead of round and fluffy.. but they still act like kittens more than they act like ladies.

  2. love it and the 2 cats too! they are so adorable.

    1. Thanks! I love my girls! The cat sandwich got rave reviews at work today too. My students LOVED it.


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