Monday, January 21, 2013

I love some Soup and Salad!

Let me start off by apologizing, you don't get to see the soup... 
It's still cooking!

But you do get to see the salad and wasa that goes with it!!!

Salad with some ranch, craisins, wasa, a laughing cow blue cheese wedge,
and some cheddar hearts.  It will be paired with a spicy Soy Chorizo Soup. 


This fun little layered box is a cheap one, I got it at Daiso. It closes up, and then
has a box band to hold it shut during travel.


  1. This is too cute! Love that little tin.

    I'm all about soups these days, I bet my husband would love the one you made but I am a wimp and don't do spicy. Also don't eat chorizo. Double miss for me, but I'm sure it was yum!

    1. I am not into spicy just to be hot, but I do like flavor.. I love chorizo.. and yellow curry..


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