Sunday, January 27, 2013

Only two new toys!

Typically when I go to Japan Town I struggle to stay within my
self imposed budget for Bento Tools.  I had a list of things of hoped to find this time.
Sadly, there wasn't much new this trip!  When we go to JTown, we like to hit
Daiso, and IchiBanKan.  Which are kind of like going to the dollar store... it can be hit and miss,
sometimes everything is spectacular, and other times, nada.  They had lots of cool stuff, but
it was all stuff I already have!! I'm not sure if that means they need new inventory, 
or if it means I have to many Bento Supplies!

Anyway.. lol, I did buy some new animal head picks I have been wanting.  I also bought a dumpling
press, which I have seen others use to make little pocket sandwiches.  It's probably a good thing for
my budget!!  In any case, we also saw Wicked (although getting to the theater was crazy due to a rally!!)

So after a fun filled crazy weekend I am tired, and not feeling overly creative, but I
still had to try out my new press, and use my new picks!!!

Lunch tomorrow is two cashew butter and jelly sandwiches, salad, and an apple.  I'll probably toss
a cheese stick in for good measure as tomorrow promises to be busy!

Here is the box closed (sorry for the shadows.. I was in a hurry).  The little saying on the box
reads "I wish it is a good day today"



  1. What a yummy bento! Thanks for linking up to Meatless Monday :D

    1. Thanks for creating it.. I tried to put the link up thingy in my blog, but couldn't make it work.. of course, it's the first button I have ever tried, so I am guessing I messed up. :D

      Much like Kidlet, all my Bentos are meatless :D


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