Monday, March 4, 2013

Rain is coming!

We have been enjoying incredibly wonderful weather as of late.
Today a coworker and I had a fantastic lunch out at Pickle Patch, and we enjoyed
sitting outside in the sun.  But all that is coming to an end... the rain is moving in!
I just hope it's not to bad on Wednesday morning as my students and I are set to walk
over to the Elementary school for picture day.  

I am decided the colder weather warranted a big old pot of soup.  I still lack a cute
container for soup, so here it is pictured in one of my favorite "Bups" (Bowl + Cup, because
my roomies and I decided it sounded better than Bug, which was Bowl + Mug).

Tomorrow's lunch is Tortellini Soup, kiwi, and some sugar free tapioca pudding
for a treat after.  I added in a little blue giraffe pick to eat the kiwi with.

The soup is inspired by a recipe I found from Family Fun ages ago at this link:

I don't follow their recipe exactly, but here is what I do.  I chop some onions, and mince some garlic.
I cook those with some assorted chopped veggies (FAR more than Family Fun called for, usually zucchini, carrots, some kind of leafy green like spinach or kale (today it's bok choy), and whatever other veggie I have on hand.  I cook those a bit, then I add some veggie broth, and some crushed tomatoes.  I bring all this 
to a boil and add some frozen cheese tortellini and cook till done.  I like my soup with LOTS
of veggies.  When I'm feeling generous I top it with some fresh parm.  It's great!!!

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