Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring is in the air!!

Everywhere I go I am seeing signs of spring!  I love it!!

I'm still pretty busy, so blogging has taken a back seat to life.. but I wanted
to share a spring themed simple bento I packed tonight to take with me tomorrow.

I used a few small cutters that I got at Daiso (the flower and grass came from a set), and a
skinny rectangle from another set that I got at Ichi Ban Kan.  I also used a bit of food coloring painted
onto cheese, and some sprinkles to add some bright colors to this lunch.

Lunch is a Sandwich with pea sprouts, kiwi fruit, salad, and chocolate mousse.

Even the girls are loving spring!  They love to watch out our front window.. and they are
getting pretty good at the whole leash thing, so we went outside the other day.

They weren't quite sure at first, but I think they enjoyed their outing.

Mayhem has the purple harness, and Mischief has the pink.



  1. So cute! I want a grass cutter.

    1. It came in a little set of cutters (the flowers were part of it)from Daiso.

  2. Beautiful spring bento! So lovely! Thanks for linking up to Meatless Monday!


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