Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I went in to the County Office to do some paperwork, and have lunch with a coworker today.
We took a nice quiet booth by the window so we could chat work without being overheard.
It was raining when we got there, then it started really coming down.. then it changed to snow!
We were watching it snow... and snow... and... start to stick???? 
Ummm.. lunch over!
We both went back to the office to do some work, then I headed for home.  
While I was laminating this happened to my car!!

The drive home wasn't bad... just slow... it got worse for those who couldn't leave the office when I did.
Especially for those heading up the hill.  Lot's of accidents, and a pile up.....

So lunch for tomorrow has a Snowflake.  Hiding under it is a "meatball" sandwich.
I don't own any cute snowflake picks.. but I made the snowflake out of some cheese, with the bottom layer
dyed blue with a tiny bit of food coloring... I dug out an snowflake Christmas cookie cutter, then
used some of my little cutters to cut some holes in it.  Fast. Cute. YUMM.


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  1. Super cute snowy lunch! Thanks for linking up to Meatless Monday!


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