Friday, February 8, 2013

Docent Training

This lunch is for Saturday, I will be out at Columbia State Park for
Docent Training.  I am working towards becoming a costumed docent at the park
I love going out there, so many wonderful old buildings, beautiful scenes, and I love the
docents too!  My family used to visit Columbia when I was a child, and I used to go hang
out there when I was in high school to torture my friends who worked there.

Lunch for tomorrow is:  Leftover Chinese Chicken Salad (hold the chicken..) from Pickle Patch,
 with the dressinghiding under the lettuce in a leak proof container, Blood Red Oranges, frozen Edamame,
a Veggie Patty Sandwich topped with two cheese hearts, and a string cheese on the side to eat
as a snack later in the afternoon.  I may also toss a sweet into my bag just in case.

Here are some of my favorite images I have captured in Columbia (In no particular order..)

There is a stage coach pulled by some gorgeous horses...

 This building houses several carriages.

I love the foliage... 

This is the school house, it's awesome!  You can go inside too!

Check out the beautiful fall colors

When this gazebo was built, my family was visiting the park (I was far to young to remember),
and my Dad helped the volunteers learn to use a level... 

One must stop by the Candy Kitchen for some sweets...

Every second Saturday there are costumed docents, they are an awesome group
of people, and they open additional buildings that are not open everyday.  There are also
lot's of special events.. 

This is the docent that talked me into applying to become a docent myself!

There are almost always street musicians.. I love the look of joy on the little girls face as he sings for her.

Waiting for the stage coach to return...

The weather vane on top of the Gazebo

Beautiful pine cones and greens at Christmas

A young docent playing on one of the wagons

His Dad looks on... 

Finally done "driving", and off to join his Dad.

Tending the Dry Goods Store

Telling stories around the fire.. roasting chestnuts, brewing coffee, and boiling water for hot cocoa

There is a little museum, and free town tours.

Columbia State Park is a great place to interact with our unique history.

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