Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I didn't make a lunch last night..

Because I had soup for lunch instead of a bento.  I was going to make a small fruit
bento to go with it, but ended up just grabbing a whole piece of fruit instead. 
However, tonight I went to a Relief Society Christmas Dinner, where as per the normal,
I was allergic to the majority of the meal.  SO, I packed a bento to bring with me.

Originally I was going to make a quinoa dish to take, but since I got home from my doctor's 
appointment later than I planned (not my doctor's fault), I just did a sandwich bento.

Dinner tonight for me was an avocado and veggie patty sandwich, cucumber and carrots
(I LOVE my carrots from my CSA, so yummy), salad with Thousand Island and baco bits,
and some pomegranate.  I was a VERY good girl and did not even go raid the dessert table!!!

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