Thursday, December 6, 2012

Not the Gum Drop Buttons!!!

Despite not putting up a tree this year (which by the way feels wrong)..
I am enjoying the holidays.  Today I had to go over to Sacramento to go to the 
dentist.  While I was there I stopped off at Trader Joe's.  I love their meatless meatballs,
and I was out!  I also picked  up a few other things, but I forgot extra virgin olive oil... I forgot
to put it on my list, so it's my own fault.  Oh well, I have to go back next week, so I will
get it then.  ANYWAY.. tomorrow's lunch is Gingerbread inspired, and while
I was making it, I thought of Gingy... from Shrek... Do you know the Muffin Man??

Here is tomorrow's lunch:

There are carrots and cucumber with hummus, a tangerine topped with an edible 
gingerbread candythat I found at target (it's pure sugar though, so I doubt I will actually eat it.. 
it was just SO CUTE).  The sandwich is a meatless meatball sandwich
 topped with a cheddar face, and colby jack buttons with some marinara sauce to add 
to it when I eat.    As a treat, I have three gingerbread cookies,
dipped in white fudge icing.  YUMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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