Monday, September 17, 2012

Simply Delicious

Some food doesn't need to be cute, not that it would hurt, it just simply
doesn't need to be.  I belong to a CSA, and get the majority of my produce
from it.  It's all fresh, local, and organic.  I do supplement with items I can't get 
locally (sorry, I love some things that just don't grow here), but I do try to 
eat local and organic when I can!  This week I got the most delicious figs,
I have eaten most of them, but I decided to put the last few in my lunch.  I only
wish there were more!!!  The greens for the salad, the kale, and the heirloom 
tomatoes also came in my bag.  Tonight I sauteed the kale (after washing and
removing the spines), added some chicken free chicken broth, then some 
Israeli Couscous, and some rough chopped heirloom tomatoes went into the pot.
It's delicious without the feta, but since I have some, well... why not!!!

So here you have it... Salad with some cheddar dots, some crunchies and ranch for
the salad, Couscous with kale, tomatoes, and feta.. and yummy sweet figs for dessert!


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