Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Five Minutes or Less Bento

Today was a very long day, that started with getting up early, and is ending with staying up late.
Fully of everything you could possibly imagine, so much I won't even go into it and 
will move on to what you are all here for, tomorrow's lunch!

So, tonight's Bento is a five minutes or less Bento.. meaning I am tired, I want to go to bed, 
and I am not feeling overly creative on top of that.  Tonight's foods of choice to work with are: half an egg salad sandwich on my sister's yummy homemade bread (the other half was dinner), baby tomatoes (from my sister's garden), cucumber, some yogurt based ranch dressing, and raspberries.  Gee.. can you tell I just got back from visiting my Sister?  Thanks for the bread and veggies Sis!

First I grabbed the cuke, and scored the skin a bit, cut some slices, and cut those in half.. add a handful of yellow tomatoes, and some ranch, and preso, the veggies are good!

Then I grabbed a giraffe cutter, a paint brush, the black and brown food coloring, and some cheddar.

I cut out two giraffes.

Then added a few fast details.. the black eyes were just dotted straight from the jar using the end of the paint brush, and for the brown I added a TINY bit of water to the paste, and painted a few quick spots. (please excuse my scratched up cutting board.. I guess I should buy a new one)

So toss it all in a box, using a silicone cup to separate the berries and tomatoes, and a cup for the ranch.. a dab of mayo to "glue" the funny looking giraffes onto the sandwich, toss a pick in with the berries, and................ look, check your watches (or should I say phones, because let's face it, who wears a watch these days??) in less than five minutes, it's LUNCH!!!!!!!!

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