Thursday, September 13, 2012


Cupcake Fail that is!!! Not a lunch fail for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This lunch is inspired by my favorite artist, Kimchi Kawii!  
Love cute art??  Like bad puns??  Just want to smile cause the sugar overload will get you??
Check out her page at 
(Sorry for the shameless plug, the artist and I have been friends since first grade).

Tomorrow's lunch consists of a provolone sandwich with baby greens, grapes, red bell pepper, 
and some edamame hummus.  All the produce (except the hummus) came from organic local growers.. 
gotta love fresh local food!!!   The cupcake in the embarrassing situation was painted with food coloring
 on provolone cheese, and the letters were all cut from cheddar. The little letters (you know the ones
 that don't look hand cut) were cut using some letter punches I got at Daiso.

I can't wait to eat this little cutie!!!!

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