Monday, April 8, 2013

Cheerful Lunch

I had a crazy day today, not a bad day, just a really crazy one.
We had quite a bit of rain last night.. and my classroom has a new leak.
A bad one.. 
Thankfully my program manager is awesome, and we got things moved.
Now they can start getting the water out of the carpet.
Thankfully I rearranged my classroom during the break and moved my
desk just enough that my printer and copier were not under the leak.

So... tomorrow's lunch is a cheerful lunch.
What is more cheerful than polka-dots?    
Even my fruit cup lid declares the lunch to be cheerful.

Lunch is an egg, veggie sausage, and avocado wrap (that I will pop into the microwave).
Spinach salad with thousand island dressing (hiding under the lid), and baco bits, topped
with cheddar dots (of course!). And some kiwi dots to eat (with a dot pick).

Have a great Tuesday!

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