Friday, August 24, 2012

The Yeomen of the Guard

Sometimes there is that brilliant moment when you realize that if you love something, in my case faire... You can combine it with other things you love.

I love, love, love Faire!! I mean, what's not to love??  Friends who become your family, history, learning to sew, spin, knit, and more.  Singing with friends, messing with patron's, and just having fun!!!

Of course, we do dress in wool.. layers of wool to be exact... but hey, we look good!!!  

The men of The Yeomen of the Gaurd work hard guarding the Queen.  They carry her in a sedan chair through the streets, guard her as she wanders through the faire, shopping, and visiting with nobles and peasants alike.  All that hard work of course makes them thirsty, and hungry too.. So that's where I come in. I am a Water Woman.  I carry a bottle, like this one. 

When we aren't on duty we find time to enjoy the faire ourselves.

We sometimes play towers... where you aren't allowed to touch the blocks until they are on the ground.  We use swords, quarter staffs, wooden spoons, even tankards to remove the blocks.  

I love Faire.

We are a family, we take care of each other.

So, what might you ask, does Faire have to do with Bento??  Well.. it.. is.. this..

A Yeomen of the Guard Bento lunch, packed for me to eat at faire site.  You see, tomorrow I go help with the construction of the faire site itself.  We will be building, painting, and taking workshops on things like improv, history, and accents.  In other words, I get to be home.  I can't wait for faire to open in a few weeks.  In fact, I think when it does you should all come and enjoy faire!

Opening weekend adults are buy one get one free if you print out the coupon online 

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