Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let's Go To The Circus!!

I went to Japan Town with friends this weekend, and while I was there I found the cutest Circus themed Picks!  I also got some new cutters to do faces with.  While cute picks and cutters aren't necessary to create Bento, they make fast Bento creation a lot easier!!!! Besides, as far as "addictions" go, picks are pretty cheap!  

         After commenting on how they would love to pack Bento Lunches, the next words out of most people's mouths are "But I just don't have time for it".  While I fully admit that sometimes I do spend a longer period of time creating a very detailed lunch, MOST of my Bentos are made in five minutes or less (because I don't have a lot of time myself).  So how do I crank them out that fast?  Well keeping it simple helps, as does using left overs, and of course a few tools.  I started with a few cookie cutters I already owned, then I picked up a few here and there... you don't have to go to Japan Town to get them (though if you can go, you will have fun!)  I find them at craft stores, walmart, and even at the dollar store.   

         You also don't have to own a super fancy box, in fact if you are packing for a kiddo who isn't good at keeping track of things, I would recommend a cheaper box, even a gladware container works!.  And speaking of kids, you don't have to have one of those either, although kids love Bento too!  What I am packing usually determines which box I use, and I fully admit that my laptop lunch (pictured above) is my favorite.  However I love my smaller more compact boxes as well.

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