Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bento Yummyness

Panda Bento - Egg salad sandwich, broccoli
(with ranch for the veggies in the Panda cup), cucumber, and strawberries
So, Bento, how did I end up packing Bento...  I have always loved presentation when it comes to food, a while ago I began to admire Bento.  But let's face it, I was intimidated.  While I can and do make sushi, I didn't want to do it everyday... then I discovered that Bento doesn't have to be Japanese food.  It can be the food I am already eating.  It can be as simple or as complex as I wanted it to be, because all Bento really is, is a packed lunch.  You also don't have to spend hours packing it, and you don't have to have specialty equipment (although once you start.. well.. if you are like me your collection will grow.....).  

Some of my lunches are cute, some are pretty, and some are just plain.. Most are made in five minutes or less.. although sometimes, I decide I want to take a bit more time and paint something (like Om Nom), or handcraft something (like Roary).

Not my heaviest on veggies, but this lunch has grapes, pasta salad with a painted cheese
Om Nom, a banana (with the cut the rope scissors), bell pepper, pita chips, hummus,
and a baby bell cheese.

This one has lentil salad, some cream cheese with celery, a sandwich with Roary, and a checkerboard apple.
Roary is the mascot for my friend's business,
Bento doesn't have to be fancy or cute, but I love to add little touches.  They really make me smile when I eat them!  There are some awesome blogs out there on Bento, and I get some of my ideas from them, other's are inspired by ideas from my own life, or from accessories I have found.
Cucumber with ranch grapes, meatless meatball sandwich, and carrot "noodles".

A pirate theme.. Pirate Baby Bell Cheese, mixed greens,
roasted asparagus with lemon, spaghetti, yogurt and blueberries

I started posting my Bento on facebook, but after much encouragement,
 I decided to try blogging about it.. 

Happy Bento-ing!

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