Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Five Minutes or LESS Bento

Tomorrow's lunch was packed in under five minutes.
I know.. I haven't been blogging recently, sorry, life got nutty,
and something had to go... I know.. it's a reoccurring theme.. but
hey, this girl is giving life her all!

So here is lunch (please ignore the FLY that I only noticed AFTER I deleted the other shots..
processed.. and wrote the blog.... DANG.. oh well..)

A chicken salad sandwich, the last of the green salad, fresh chopped
tomatoes with cracked pepper (and dressing for dipping), black grapes,
and some baco bits for the salad & tomatoes.  YUMM!!

Want to know what I've been doing while I'm to busy to blog?

Taking a great photography class from Nancy at Ordinary Miracles

Teaching... and working out in Columbia!

HAVE A Great day!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love bento! Thank you for the inspiration!!

    1. Thanks! I love bento too! Sometimes I'm in the mood to be elaborate, and sometimes I need quick and simple!


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