Sunday, July 28, 2013

A New School Year

A new school year is beginning!  I teach on a modified year round
school year, so summer vacation is short to begin with, and then I also
teach extended school year (it's like summer school), so my summer is busy..
but then I had two weeks of vacation, well almost, if you don't count my prep days.

I had lot's of fun this summer.. ESY was great! 
  My niece came and stayed with me for most of a week.
We did lot's of fun things, like going to Natural Bridges
 (not the state park, but a cave you can swim through), and I took her
on her first trip to Japan Town and the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco!

We of had cute crepes in JTown...

Then off to the Tea Garden.. I love it there, it's so pretty!

My friend Holly of wore a beautiful
dress she made recently.  She even designed the fabric herself!!!
Everyone wanted to pose for a picture with her, but who can blame them!

I mean, look at how cute she looks!!!!

By the way, the beautiful blond is my niece.  And while we were in Japan Town
she bought her first bento box!  I can't wait to see what she packs!

I can't wait to go to the Tea Garden again.  I love it there!

Anyway, LUNCH.. tomorrow's lunch is a simple one.  I've been eating
far to much processed food recently... So for tomorrow I have
some yummy tomatoes fresh from my sister's garden with salt and pepper,
some meatless meatballs, and cantaloupe.  I will also have some
air popped popcorn (which I keep at work).  It's a munchy kind of lunch..

Here's hoping for a great new school year! 

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