Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Fun!

It's summer time, which means I'm busier than ever!
I teach ESY (Extended School Year), think Summer School.
Today my kiddos got to play with shaving cream, 
water beads, and roll paint balls down our slide.
I also go to go out to lunch with a good friend.

Tomorrow however it's back to Bento for me!
I've been so nutty recently, and with the end of the school year
I've had lot's of lunches out with coworkers and friends.

Here is tomorrow's lunch:

Lunch is nectarines, yellow tomatoes with ranch for dipping, the last of my current
batch of lentil salad, and some popcorn kernels (hiding in the cheerful lunch container)
 to pop and top with some extra virgin olive oil and salt. 

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