Thursday, May 2, 2013

So life went a little nutso...

My life went a bit nutso recently.. I guess I just got busy.
Some days I went home on my lunch break (the joys of a half mile commute).
and others I just snagged something from the fridge on my
way out the door.  But I am trying to go back to being
mindful of what I am eating.  To taking the time to prepare and eat
healthy foods.  To care enough for myself to eat the way I need to.

So while tomorrow's lunch isn't overly cute, it is planned.

Lunch is some greek yogurt with raspberries, along with some 
Farmers' Market Cous Cous.  This version contains rainbow chard, zucchini,
a bit of garlic, cous cous, and some feta over the top.

I'm happy to have my lunch back!

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